Portrait RatzFatz

   Tirol, Austria

“…These two thoroughbred musicians not only captivated the children right from the outset, but also offered a most pleasing and informative hour for all the parents too.”


Jeunesse – Musical Youth of Austria, Office Innsbruck,

Mag. Eva Steinbacher

Herman Riffeser and Frajo Köhle were both educated at the renowned Salzburger Mozarteum in Austria. As “Ratz and Fatz”, they combine clowning, poetry and word play in their sophisticated, handmade music. They inspire and impress audiences with the exceptional quality of their music and their technical brilliance. Their young audiences are fully engaged and sing, dance and laugh along. The facilitation, through their music, of language skill development and rhythm through play is integral to their creative practice and onstage performances.


In close partnership with RatzFatz, we continue to develop programmes that combine a broad spectrum of music and play, with classical music. Of particular mention is the successful, ongoing collaboration with classical chamber orchestral musicians, as exemplified by the Children’s Music Festival in Oldenburg in 2017.


When RatzFatz perform the mandolin and singing saw in “Swan”, by Camille Saint-Saëns, even the youngest members of the audience are transfixed. We are currently in the throes of preparing a programme featuring RatzFatz and a symphony orchestra.

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