The experience of music made visual through the medium of puppetry is not only for children. The puppet theatre group, Per Poc, makes music visible and mobile with its fascinating productions. The simplest means are used particularly effectively, and animate the music from the start. The Spanish company has developed a unique combination of performing arts, lighting, music, and dance that fascinates, entertains, and deeply touches their audiences.


At home in Spain, the company has already been honoured with co-productions with the renowned Gran Teatre del Licau in Barcelona, and in Paris, with both Radio France and the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France.


Per Poc has been touring the world for 30 years. Allegra Konzertagentur (The Allegra Concert Agency) brings these dreamlike, beautiful, moving puppet performances set to music to the orchestras in German-speaking countries. These pictorial interpretations of Petrushka, Romeo and Juliet, as well as Midsummer Night's Dream, appeal to listeners of all ages. These multi-media productions enable audiences to become familiar with the orchestral music in an innovative way, as well as facilitating the audience’s engagement with the underlying narratives. In addition, aficionados enjoy the hidden wit of the productions. Per Poc dissolves barriers among people for the duration of each concert, as their performances operate in the spaces beyond words.


Per Poc are the ideal guest performers for your orchestra's family concert!



   Barcelona

"The puppeteer brought the life-size bodies of paper brilliantly to life in perfect harmony with Mendelssohn's composition."

Al Ahram Weekly, Kairo






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